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The Alumnus

UW-L Alumnus Collection
The UW-L Alumnus Collection features the UW-La Crosse alumni publication first published under the name of the Alumni Bulletin in 1941. The publication was then renamed in 1950 to the Alumni Briefs, which remained until 1967 when the The La Crosse Alumnus adopted the new title. During the fall of 1979, Crossties replaced the previous title; however, this was shortlived as the Alumnus soon became the new title in 1981. Finally, 30 years later in 2011, the publication became known as the Latern, which still stands as the current title.

The Catalyst The Catalyst Collection
The Catalyst Collection contains the full run of the printed publication that began as the UW-La Crosse Honors Program Newsletter in 1979, shortly thereafter being renamed The Catalyst in 1980. After 2008, The Catalyst began being published exclusively online, and now focuses on showcasing the La Crosse community's creativity and talent, publishing original prose, poetry, artwork, photography, video, and music.
Course Catalogs UW-L Course Catalog Collection
The Course Catalog Collection contains the course catalogs for UW-La Crosse beginning in 1910, and includes undergraduate, graduate, and summer publications. This is a valuable resource for those seeking information on past courses, schedules, and offerings. This collection also contains more recent catalogs, as well as the current catalog, when it becomes available.
Course Catalogs La Crosse Regional Maps Collection
The Maps Collection features largerly historical maps, all of which are owned by Murphy Library Special Collections. These maps feature the La Crosse area, and date from the year 1857. Often used by both local historians and local residents, zooming-in allows users to view significant changes that have occured to roads, railroad routes, and overall city layouts in the La Crosse community and surrounding areas. This collection will continue to grow as more historical maps are digitized.
The Racquet The Racquet Newspaper Collection
The Racquet Newspaper Collection contains over 2,200 issues of the publication. Originally published by the La Crosse Normal School beginning in 1910, this student newspaper has stood the test of time, as it remains a paper publication on campus to this day. Written by the students and for the students for over 100 years, this collection provides unique insights into the ever-changing student population, as well as students' reactions and interpretations to local, national, and global events over the past century.
UW-L Yearbooks UW-La Crosse Yearbook Collection
The UW-La Crosse Yearbook Collection features 78 complete year books beginning in 1911 and running up to 1990, with the exception of 1918, which was never published. This collection provides a glimplse into the lives of each student who has been a part of the UW-La Crosse experience, covering over 100 years.

External Collections

UWDC Campus History Collection (UW Digital Collections Center)
The Campus History Collection includes resources that document the history and evolution of this campus. The collection includes published material as well as archival materials and may eventually include additional books, manuscripts, sound recordings, photographs, maps and other resources deemed important to the study of our state's university system and its campuses. The materials included in this rich and growing collection were selected by librarians, scholars, and other subject specialists.
UWDC Steamboat Collection (UW Digital Collections Center)
The Steamboat Photograph collection consists of over 40,000 photographic images of steamboats on the inland waterways of the United States, primarily the Mississippi, Ohio and Missouri rivers and their tributaries. The photos depict steamboats in every phase of their life span — from construction to destruction — and every aspect of their daily operations from the 1850s to the present.
UWDC The Taylor Brothers Photograph Collection (UW Digital Collections Center)
The photographic images in this collection were taken by the Taylor Brothers photographic studio of Adams County, Wisconsin, circa 1910-1930. In 2001, Murphy Library, UW-La Crosse received the collection as a donation from a private estate. There were 665 glass plate photographic negatives in the donation. Growth and change in rural and small town Wisconsin in the early 20th century are reflected in the photos of the Taylor Brothers. Most of the photos were taken in central Wisconsin, centering on Adams County and the county seat of Friendship.
Minds@UW Theses and Dissertations (UW Digital Collections Center)
MINDS@UW is designed to gather, distribute, and preserve digital materials related to the University of Wisconsin's research and instructional mission. Content may include research papers and reports, pre-prints and post-prints, datasets and other primary research materials, learning objects, theses, student projects, conference papers and presentations, and other born-digital or digitized research and instructional materials.


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